Equal pay day campaign for LUNA Bar

We are proud to announce that AnalogFolk US has been honored in Campaign I&C Awards 2018 for the Equal Pay Day ‘Equality Every Day’ campaign for LUNA Bar. The Inclusion & Creativity Top 20 honors brands and agencies that reflect the richness and diversity of 21st century America, and are leading the charge in cultural transformation.

LUNA Bar, a brand founded on supporting women, and AnalogFolk whose mission is to use digital to make the analog world better, worked together to launch the Equality Every Day campaign - a movement turning everyday acts into actions of change.

The idea was simple - a shift in mindset. What if it isn’t about fighting for equality after all? What if it’s about practicing it? Through what we do and say every day. The Equality Every Day platform is a movement from the ground up - providing simple things you can do daily to promote equality.


The initiative launched on Equal Pay Day by featuring a 20% discount on LUNA Bars and a 20% donation to fund wage negotiation workshops hosted by the American Association of University Women (AAUW) - turning the small act of buying a LUNA Bar into a way to advance equality.

The program was supported with paid media on LUNA’s owned channels (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, .com) and amplified through partnerships with Gina Rodriguez, LeanIn.org, and the AAUW.

By themselves, each small act offers a daily dose of progress. Taken together, they become a moving tide of momentum, creating conversations and challenging thinking everywhere, every day. LUNA continues to create, curate, and collaborate on things you can do everyday to help support equality and the campaign won’t end until the need for it does.

"This campaign shatters stereotypes, as well as emotionally connects, with the profile of Gina Rodriguez. But it also goes above and beyond by not merely highlighting the issue of pay inequality for women, it provides step by step actions on how to enact change. The campaign is deep and broad and impactful. The vision of an inclusive culture unfolds with every highlighted inequality and every highlighted action to reverse it." said judge Antonio Lucio, global chief marketing and communications officer at HP.

Read the full case study here.