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Flintstones™ Vitamins Launches new Brand Platform Advocating for Imperfect Parenting

Flintstones™ Vitamins introduces a new brand platform ‘Made for Real Growth,’ demonstrating the significance of growth for kids and parents alike. It encapsulates the Flintstones™ Vitamins way of life – filled with scraped knees and beaming smiles – to reassure parents that their style of parenting is more than good enough. ‘Made for Real Growth’ marks a comprehensive refresh for the Flintstones Vitamins brand, encompassing a bold, active and authentic visual identity, along with a punchy, playful, and clever tone of voice. 

Flintstones™ Vitamins, the #1 pediatrician recommended vitamin brand for kids, has today launched its new platform, ‘Made for Real Growth,’ in partnership with AnalogFolk, a global independent creative agency. The platform redefines parenting ideals by strategically countering modern day’s pressure to achieve perfect parenting. It does so by demonstrating the genuine messiness, challenges, and joys of growing up.  The brand’s revitalized look and relatable tone are showcased in its omni-channel launch.

The ‘Made for Real Growth’ creative platform kicks off this back-to-school season, launching with new digital spaces and a network of content creators that will be evolving into a Flintstones™ ambassador network. The creative platform spans executions inclusive of: 

Rejuvenated Flintstones Vitamins with realistic representation - Rolling out across digital and social, ecom, retail, and CRM, Flintstones™Vitamins go live with a brave new visual look and feel and audience-tested tone of voice, bringing to life the beautiful messiness and energy that reflects the realities of parenting.

Social First Launch - Kicking things off for back-to-school season, the platform launches with The “Perfect” Script; a series of social films featuring real kids from its creator network reading - and stumbling over - the so-called “perfect” script. They take on all the big questions - like is mommy older than a dinosaur, where does zinc come from, and most importantly, what is kale? Their attempts in doing so make a suite of social films all equal parts hilarious and charming. The campaign features the very first ad where it's totally right to get the script wrong.

Candid Content - Humorous fly-on-the-wall videos captured by content creator families in their own homes offering glimpses into real-life parenting moments. Showcasing parents and kids in their unvarnished form; expect meal-time monsters, grumpy risers, and other hijinks that can't be scripted. These authentic moments further reinforce the campaign’s message of embracing imperfection, rejecting unrealistic standards, as well as learning and growing through experiences. 

New Digital Spaces – One of the many activations sees the brand partnering with YouTube kid sensations (to be announced later in August) as they embark on the booming business of Kids' podcasting. Flintstones Vitamins will partner as their exclusive sponsor, integrating Flintstones Vitamins' message with an engaged set of family listeners. 

Bayer partnered with global independent creative agency AnalogFolk to develop and execute the core concept, strategy, creative platform and overall design for Flintstones Vitamins new brand platform.

Untold Fable partnered with AnalogFolk, contributing production insights and leading end-to-end asset creation. The content production company, part of AnalogFolk Group, tapped into its global talent network to enlist local award-winning filmmaker Matthew Pollack, respected for his expertise working with children, to direct The ‘Perfect’ Script. The New York photoshoot, starring four child talents, focused on capturing genuine, exuberant moments that reflect the joyful chaos of parenting. 

“With the introduction of our new brand platform, Flintstones Vitamins is reshaping its marketing strategy to resonate more deeply with parents” says Lisa Perez, General Manager and Vice President Nutritionals business at Bayer. “Parenthood is a journey filled with genuine experiences, far from the conventional perfection often depicted. We’re excited to join forces with AnalogFolk and all of the content creator families which are core to our program to share this authentic exploration in new digital spaces.”

Bill Brock, founder and chief client officer, AnalogFolk Group says: “We all know the societal problems caused by social media projecting an unrealistic image what life ‘should’ look like.  The damaging effects on mental health are well documented. This toxic misrepresentation happens organically on the feeds of influencers, creators and everyday people.  And this is unfortunate.  But when it’s reinforced by brands in their marketing, it’s unforgivable. The reality is parenting and childhood is wonderfully imperfect. With this work, Flintstones - as the market leader - is taking a stand.  Leading the category in reframing the conversation about what healthy growth looks like - unfiltered, messy, beautiful. I couldn’t be prouder.”

AnalogFolk appointed as Monzo’s digital and customer experience agency of record

AnalogFolk appointed as Monzo’s digital and customer experience agency of record

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