Now is the time to think like a premium brand

Q: What’s the right pricing and positioning strategy for FMCG post-Covid-19?

Looking at the evidence from supermarket shoppers post-2008 financial crisis, in times like these you don’t want to be a middle-of-the-road brand. You’ll find your consumers flocking to discount and house-brands at one end of the spectrum and premium labels at the other. 

Positioning as an affordable indulgence will be the winning strategy for many FMCG products. That could mean acting entirely out of category, but not out of character. 

In a world where a chocolate bar fulfills the same needs for impulse and indulgence as a massage ordered on a treat app, there are no rules, other than to focus on the need and the full customer experience. If that means building one around the product that doesn’t exist, now’s the time to build it.

A: Be more premium, become lipstick not ready-salted crisps. This means not just looking, but also acting more valuable.

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