The digital renaissance is already here

Q: Which digital channels and technologies should marketers embrace?

In a world of new needs and reevaluation, where all generations are attuned to digital solutions, the platforms and technologies that succeed will be pragmatic and practical, not just shiny and new. 

We’re already seeing a renaissance – digital distractions out, digital pragmatism in. Technologies that never made the cut are being re-found and relished. Virtual reality for truly immersive meetups, Massive Open Online Courses for education at a distance, 3D printing for home manufacturing and smart home tech for security and automation, for example. Students are rebuilding universities in brick-for-brick likeness in virtual reality to hang out and celebrate graduations.

Here’s what this means for the coming years: 

Big platforms are back: From being on the wane due to fatigue and privacy issues, while all is not entirely forgiven, Facebook has proven itself responsible and essential in sharing news and connecting people. Slumbering niche giants like Pinterest are not just handy anymore but a key part of people’s life planning. 

Mixed reality is the new reality: Virtual reality, augmented reality – whole new worlds or a layer on top of ours. The new vanguard is ‘mixed reality’ bringing the virtual world into ours in an immersive way to truly allow us to experience what/who isn’t with us. 

Everything is a conversation: From chat bots, to voice assistants, all interactions that can be made more conversational will be more appreciated and engaged with.

Augmented humanity beats AI: AI that doesn’t replace humans, but augments them to make them superhuman keeps the personal touch, with the power of the platform. 

Doing it live: Streaming technology is cutting through the overproduced lives of influencers and into the reality of all of our real lives. Being bold enough to let someone in to our life stream is the new intimacy for people and brands.

Enterprise tech for the everyday: From planning work projects to planning the household, once reserved for the enterprise, tech like Microsoft Teams is being repurposed and remade to help everywhere. 

Digital to make the analog world better: Digital distractions are out, brands who use digital to actually help the consumers in their broader lives are in.

A: Specific apps and channels will come and go, so a marketers focus should be on identifying the current channels which are fulfilling deep needs of their consumers, not digital distractions.

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