For 20+ years, Bugaboo has been a pioneer in the category of design-focused strollers. But together with the growing number of premium look-alike brands that have entered the market, the category has rallied around a homogeneous representation of parenthood that is “pastel” and saccharine. 

By painting an overused and outdated picture of today’s families, the brand struggled to connect to the new generation of parents. Gen Z and millennials approach parenthood with a sense of adventure in which they don’t follow the rules but make their own, and have fun while doing it. 

Bugaboo asked us to connect them with this more diverse and authentic world of next-generation parents. Most of all, the brand wanted to show that it offers more than strollers – it’s an active and creative part of the parenting experience, however that might look. 

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Bugaboo believes that becoming a parent opens up a whole new world of adventures, with much fun to be had and mischief to be made. From breaking into a playground to starting a dance party at a gallery. After all, didn’t your baby make you do it? 

Enter ‘Adventure Awaits’, a global campaign that celebrates modern-day families by putting parent, baby and Bugaboo at the heart of new discoveries. And these modern-day families couldn’t be different from the pastel parents the brand used to cater to. From same-sex couples to single parents, it includes anyone who wants to take the ride. 

Videos, lifestyle and product photography each bring the seemingly mundane into a new light. Where everyday feels less like every day and more like moments of discovery. Key product benefits are positioned as enablers of our mischief-making parents, marrying functional with some rule-bending fun. 


Adventure Awaits is an optimistic anthem for all parents and parents-to-be. The global campaign’s primary objective is to drive brand awareness and consideration through digital and social channels as well as retail activation. 

Four vignettes, each focussed on a particular stroller model, bring the seemingly mundane into a new light. Key product benefits are positioned as enablers of our mischief makers, marrying functional with some rule-bending fun. 

Vignettes are executed in vibrant settings to establish Bugaboo as a modern parenting company that stands out from the sea of sameness. Fragments of the four vignettes make up the campaign’s anthem film. Lifestyle photography captured moments of each vignette to be used as digital and print assets. 

Bright colours and rich backgrounds propelled the brand’s product photography into a new direction. Not only did we extend the modern spirit of the campaign into the product shots, we also introduced a model to highlight key features and overall usability, a step up from the generally static images.

Combining the mischief-making families and premium strollers with a vibrant aesthetic has created a campaign that makes Bugaboo stand out from the category’s sea of sameness. 

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The campaign has launched across paid and organic social, YouTube, retail locations (physical and e-com) and Reach of the campaign is amplified through retargeting, CRM and brand advocacy.

Results will be updated as soon as they become available.

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