Hyundai needed a hard-hitting online campaign to launch their new N-Line sports package for the i30 sedan. The challenge to AnalogFolk was how to reach an audience who loves music, performance and technology, yet avoids TV and are deeply cynical of advertising?

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We launched a branded 90" music video called "After Dark", which takes a non-traditional approach to a traditional car category with dream-like sequences and a quirky, original soundtrack featuring deconstructed nursery rhymes and rap using only Australian talent. With its unlikely fusion of classic bedtime lullabies and hip-hop, this gritty art-house style video, mixed real and imagined mental barriers to explore the mindset of ambitious young people, who pursue their passions after hours - a theme based on a key audience data insight. A real DJ, runner and martial artist were cast for deeper authenticity.

The film features all-original music and lyrics, performed by homegrown Aussie rapper Julian Joseph.


The 90 second hero film and cut downs run on Youtube with trueview and pre-roll placements, as well as social placements on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

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The Hyundai After Dark film was the No.1 performing video ad on Twitter in Australia and APAC for Q4 2020.