Back to school 2021 - with the continuing Covid-19 pandemic, won’t be the same for young people. Understandably, they are feeling anxious, deflated and more pessimistic about what the future holds for them. 

Our challenge was to show how Foot Locker could offer them a hopeful new start, by developing a campaign that celebrates going back to school, and harnesses the rebellious spirit of Gen Z. 

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We enrolled our Back to School campaign for another year. 

Built on the foundations of Foot Locker’s new brand platform 'Shoes Don’t Change the World', this year’s Back to School celebrates and inspires today’s hopeful rebels. How? By shining a light on four European talents, who are using their voice, platform and creativity to rebel against who and what society tells them - creating a better future for us all.

The Gen Z talents include: UK-based Elijah, an eight year-old model who uses his platform to celebrate albinism and diversity and BEBELUNA, a multidisciplinary artist who found freedom and self expression in the underground music scene. 

Alongside them are Spanish pop illustrator Blanca, (artist name Be) who combines her love for drawing with her passion for fashion and street style and French multi-disciplinary artist Abdoulaye - an actor, model and self-taught dancer.

Each tell their story their way, in a campaign hero film that inspires others to become hopeful rebels. 


As part of the campaign’s brand action, Foot Locker and AnalogFolk have teamed up with UK-based Creative Debuts. The platform strives to democratise the art world by making it more accessible for emerging creators. The goal is simple. Extend support to Gen Z creators with The Young Creators Grants.

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The campaign is now live across social, retail, display and .com in Italy, Spain, Germany, France and UK.

Check back for results soon.  

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