How can we do something for International Women’s Day that is not tokenistic, and aligns to the agency mission of “digital to make the analog world better”?

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Women are 4 times more likely than men to use language that shrinks their successes; contributing to the gender pay gap and the lack of women in senior roles. 

So we created BigUp.AI, with the ambition to use Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing to highlight passive, softening language, and give suggestions to enable people to self-promote with impact.

This is a project with longevity. We released the BETA version to coincide with IWD, and will be developing it further to become an effective AI that will truly be of service to people in the future.

You can try it for yourself, here.


A staggered launch across the week that started with IWD, carrying the message that equality is for every day. 

A launch video and static portrait assets promoted and drove to the tool, which was released on its own site. 



Impressions within the first 24 hours without any media spend.



Press from around the world picked up on the initiative and it become a trending topic online, with Adobo Magazine labelling the tool ' amazing'.



from the creative industry were quick to praise BigUp.AI, including She Runs It, WACL., Bayer Consumer Health and Coca-Cola.