With the launch of a new range of colourful Power Beats Pros headphones, our challenge was to create a socially led concept that celebrates the Beats brand through colour, encourages self expression and drives relevancy with Generation Z. 


So we created the #BeatsDaisyChallenge – it’s Beats by Dr. Dre’s first ever campaign on TikTok.

Featuring singer Ashnikko, the #BeatsDaisyChallenge campaign leverages talent from Tiktok’s vast community to create the world’s first TikTok music video featuring user-generated content.

Over the course of four weeks, Ashnikko will challenge TikTok influencers  to showcase their creativity via a series of TikTok challenges centred around self-expression through colour. The separate challenges are tied to the four new colours for Beats by Dr. Dre’s Powerbeats Pro headphones: Glacier Blue, Spring Yellow, Cloud Pink and Lava Red.

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A key component of the campaign is the pyramid of diverse creators utilised to ensure #BeatsDaisyChallenge reaches Gen Z. To help create authentic storytelling, the campaign has macro, micro and nano talent including Ashnikko and local influencers.

We also used two of TikTok’s premium advertising offerings: Hashtag Challenges which enable brands to directly engage the TikTok community and tap user-generated content; TopView, a full-screen 60-second immersive ad unit that appears as soon as a user opens the application and In-feed, a video format that fits seamlessly alongside user generated content. 

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This trailblazing #BeatsDaisyChallenge campaign represents Beats’ first campaign on TikTok and achieves Beats core mission, to use the emotion of music to fuel creativity. The campaign aims to drive unprecedented reach and engagement for Beats –  already reaching over a billion views in just four days.