Nike wanted to give everyday athletes the ability to ‘train’. But that’s just for top athletes, right? While top athletes have access to knowledge from the best trainers and sports scientists in the world, most everyday athletes are lucky if they have more than a simple gym membership. 

So how could we give our everyday athletes a go-to place for training advice and to elevate their fitness goals?

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We democratised training by giving everyday athletes unprecedented access to Nike’s network of elite trainers with The Nike Trainers Hub – a multi-lingual web platform and intelligent database that’s designed to help all athletes take their training to the next level. It’s a destination where any athlete can ask questions about their own training and receive an personalised answer directly from the experts who train the world’s best athletes.

The platform is seamlessly integrated into the Nike+ Training Club app – bolstering Nike’s offering of training services to help athletes reach their peak physical potential.

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Working closely with the Nike technical teams, we built a custom CMS and a customer facing website as single page applications using the React UI framework. The custom CMS allows managers in each market to moderate questions submitted through the website by users, assign them to an appropriate trainer to answer, and then publish these questions and answers to the website. Both applications were integrated with Nike's SSO library for user authentication. The back-end APIs were built in Java, using several of Netflix's open source libraries. All of this was deployed to Nike's AWS architecture. 

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The Nike Trainers Hub is Nike’s first award-winning service directly connecting athletes to their network of experts. Praised by Mark Parker on Nike’s Q4 Earnings call as an example of how Nike approaches services and innovation for athletes, it has also been recognised by The Webby Awards as the Best Mobile Site in the Fitness & Recreation Category.

The site has evolved into a comprehensive database of training expertise that covers every major aspect of training for all major sports. Featured in industry publications such as Hypebeast and with more than 1.9 million NTC users, it continues to push the potential of millions of everyday athletes globally.

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