As Unilever's digital agency of record for Home Care, Surf challenged us to come up with a digital campaign that resonates both culturally and emotionally with its target audience – women who want to smell great but don’t have much time for the laundry. That’s ‘Surfies’ for short.

The campaign needed to drive awareness of Surf’s new Brand Communication Idea ‘Perf with Surf’, using digital in a contextually relevant way. Creatively, the aim was to get Surfies to use the term ‘Smell Perf With Surf’ as the ultimate excuse for living their best life.

Surf also challenged us to put their brand to the forefront of people's minds by repositioning the brand personality, while at the same time demonstrating how the product can play a meaningful role in consumers lives.

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A digital campaign featuring influencer Dani Dyer, who reveals her most memorable ‘living your best life’ stories and encourages the audience to do the same. In a cheeky show and tell, the ‘Queen of the Surfies’ discusses the details of how her clothes got a lil’ bit messy, in some of her favourite life stories.

Dani encourages Surfies to share their own ‘messy moments’, to be in with a chance of winning £100. The campaign uses highly reactive, dynamic social media content to provide the audience with a humorous and personal response that not only matches their story, but also refers to much talked about cultural moments.

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AnalogFolk’s role was split into two main responsibilities – digital strategy and social media asset creation.

For the digital strategy, our role was to define the role of digital within the wider campaign (adding value beyond the TV ad), define the channels best suited to deliver the idea, and create a testing plan to ensure all assets could be tracked and developed to reach optimal performance.

For the social media asset creation, our activity was threefold:

  • Launch the mechanic - where Dani Dyer shares her messy moments and encourages the audience to share their own stories to be in with a chance of winning £100. By entering the competition, the audience are also offered a sample so they have a chance to trial the product.
  • Broadcast the Stories and play back the campaign’s user-generated content and ‘Surfies’ own messy moments
  • Create reactive content that further reinforces ‘Perf With Surf’ within a culturally relevant moment, while at the same time encourage the audience to continue living their best life, thanks to Surf.The campaign was broadcasted via Surf’s own social media channels and Dani Dyer’s Instagram, which have more than 3.6 million followers combined.
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The campaign has only recently launched. Check back here for results.