Blink fitness, like many gyms, was looking to increase the role of digital in their business, which had largely been focused on the in-person experience only.

Blink wanted to find a unique and ownable to add value, and was looking for a content solution to anchor their digital experience. But the real challenge wasn’t about becoming more digital, it was about being relevant both in and out of the gym. Over the years, people have shifted towards a more holistic approach to wellness, and working out in a gym is now only one part of a fitness routine. Gyms, on the other hand, have remained the same for years. In other words, fitness has evolved, but gyms haven’t. That was the problem we set out to address.

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To address the shift in their industry, we helped Blink rethink their model - evolving from a gym membership to a health membership, aligned with the values of their consumers. We created a new approach to membership that combined access to Blink Fitness locations with a platform of services that gives members bespoke advice tailored to their wellness needs.

We centered their digital offering around a personalized bundle of services, subscriptions, partnerships and products, for each Blink member to manage their health and wellness portfolio. We forged partnerships with best-in-class content creators in the fitness, nutrition, and wellness sectors in order to add value for Blink’s members without needing to create a new content machine internally at Blink. The value wasn’t in the content (there was plenty of that to go around), it was in helping individual members bring existing services together to understand how to best personalize their experience, and provide guidance on their health and wellness journey.

Within the physical gym, we placed NFC beacons at different stations to give members relevant workout tips with a simple wave of their phone. And outside, members can now get nutrition recommendations, recipes, workout advice, digital classes, sleep, stretch and meditation tips, and much more.

Everything comes together to help them workout better, eat better and recharge better.

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The new Blink experience is a personalised bundle with a swappable bank of services, subscriptions, partnerships and products, for each Blink member to manage their health and wellness portfolio. Blink now helps them:

Workout better: By letting members access a gym, workout tips, digital classes, and more.

Eat better: By providing nutrition recommendations, recipes, and food delivery.

Recharge better: By addressing sleep, stretching, mediation, and other ways to sharpen the body and mind.


We launched an MVP app (Blink’s first) into the market in less than 6 months, and within the first year had established the app as the centre of gravity of the Blink member experience.

Additionally, the app created new revenue for the company, in multiple ways:

  1. Increasing membership upgrades in order to unlock the best experience
  2. Allowing for memberships to be purchased directly through the app
  3. Increasing personal training sessions (also directly booked through app)

The launch was so successful, that other brands within the Equinox portfolio (Blink Fitness is owned by Equinox) adopted many of the same approaches and features for their higher end memberships.