Making a New Year’s Resolution is easy. Sticking with it is hard.

How can we get NTC users to stick with it beyond Blue Monday - the day statistically everyone falls off the wagon? 

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A 60-minute workout every day? Hard. A 6-minute workout every day? Easy. We helped athletes commit to being 1% better everyday through NTC to stick with their goals. 

In fact, when Blue Monday rolled around and everyone else was falling off their goals - we were just getting started.

We created a 4-week training plan centred around the idea of taking little steps, everyday, to make significant progress overtime. The key to any progress is simply sticking with it. 


From Blue Monday to Leap Day, we created daily editorial content in NTC helping athletes stay committed to their 1% progress every single day. Led by Nike Influencers, the content served up tips and advice around the 5 key facets of training - movement, recovery, nutrition, mindfulness and sleep. The daily content drops kept athletes motivated and coming back for more to stick with the plan.

And knowing that it’s easier to stick with it when we’re not alone - we elevated the story of 3 Nike Influencers on their own fitness journeys.  Ben Fero - Rapper (Istanbul), Stefanie Giesinger - Model (Berlin) and Greta Fernandez - Actress (Madrid), gave us a glimpse of how training and specific facets fit within their daily life.

The total campaign was a part of the launch of Nike’s latest training innovation - the SuperRep - a trainer built specifically for class fitness. 

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We got thousands of athletes* signed up to the training plan.

CTR doubled

The campaign saw CTR double compared to average NTC CTR.