Spanish wine is one of the world’s most popular alcoholic beverages. But in the US, it represents less than 2% of the market. So when Campo Viejo was preparing to launch their new Red Blend into the US market, targeting their adult Millennial audience (30-45 year olds), they asked us to help.

We found that while Millennials drink nearly half of all wine consumed in the US, only 10 per cent have extensive knowledge of wine. Many lack confidence in talking about wine and are uncomfortable with the task of navigating a wine list to choose a nice bottle. Plus, our audience typically don’t drink red wine, associating it with formal, stuffy occasions – they prefer spontaneous, casual, food-based get-togethers.

Our challenge was to change the perception of red wine and position the Campo Viejo Red Blend as the go-to wine for informal gatherings.

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We created Live Uncorked – an online mobile experience via an internet browser  that inspires our audience to mash-up their usual routine and explore unexpected pairings of wine with food, music and events. 


By scanning a QR code on the bottle, users enter the beautifully animated world of Campo Viejo. They are then invited to take a personality quiz, where the Red Blend bottle is used as the creative vehicle. As the user answers a series of quick questions, their choices ‘fill the bottle’ – and the end result is a personalised wine experience that combines food, music and fun activity ideas to do with friends – to celebrate mid-week Hump Day, for example – all perfectly paired with a glass of Red Blend.

You can try the experience from your mobile here.

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Work has just gone live, watch this space for results.

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