Founded in 1860, Guardian Life Insurance has survived a century of change. So when a new crop of nimble, streamlined digital insurance start-ups entered the category as challengers, it was time for the company to evolve again. Guardian needed to translate its matrixed, multi-product offering into a site as intuitive as those of its simpler competitors. Our challenge was to create a best-in-category digital experience for the category’s most experienced player.

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To solve this complexity, we changed the way we designed the experience. Unlike most insurance sites whose architecture is built to mimic the internal structure of the company, we instead built the site architecture around the decision-making process of the customer. 


Dense, topically-driven navigation systems were replaced with interactions that mimicked the conversation between an insurance advisor and their client. Content was translated, streamlined and simplified, while recommendations were customized to users' communicated needs. The design approach leveraged illustration heavily, providing a warm and more personal feeling than the typical stock imagery driven sites of the category. The final experience was refreshingly human, giving Guardian its own digital edge within a marketplace of robotic competitors.



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increase in overall session duration